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Packed Lunches

This community doesn't seem to be used much but I figured I'd try asking a question here.

My partner and I are about to embark on the GI Diet for the second time. The first time we failed at sticking to it miserably - I blame the fact that I was a hopeless cook. I can cook much better now and we desperately need to lose weight (too much Dominos) so we're starting again as soon as we've emptied all the bad stuff out of our pantry and bought lots of new stuff.

The trouble is that I don't know what to do about lunches. We only have a microwave at work and are miles from anywhere where we can buy much, so I always take in a sandwich or two which I tend to prepare quickly while the kettle is boiling in the morning. When we start the GI Diet I'm going to have to find things to prepare the night before since I'll be spending more time making breakfast in the morning. I'd love to have soups to heat up at work but since all the soup recipes I have in my GI books (three from Richard Gallop and two others) seem to be for four people and to be eaten straight away that doesn't really seem to be an option (unless they are suitable for freezing/reheating but just don't say it). It looks like salads and open sandwiches are my best bets but I'm worried that we'll soon get bored of salad (and my other half is quite hard to please when it comes to salad).

Any suggestions? What do other people take to work with them?
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I don't know of any soup that can't be frozen. and that's a good option if you want to include a salad in there (hey, I know you might get bored of salads, but as a side, it's a good option).

I haven't had to pack lunches in ages, but I do bulk cooking a lot. I make a batch of soup, freeze single portions from recycled cottage cheese or sour cream containers. they freeze up solid, and work well in packed lunches because it keeps everything else cold.

hearty bean soups would be great I think, if you're into those.

I'm looking for GI support too, and disappointing not to see to many options online, unless you venture out into the low carb forums.

Anyway, maybe your post, and others can spark something up here.

Good luck.
Have you considered pasta dishes, that you can eat cold? I use pasta made from brown rice (and I'm hoping that works...). I'm new to the GI things too, but because I have energy issues. :(
Or rice dishes? A lot of which you can eat cold I think. :)
Good luck!